Finfin dikt :)

A softly whispered prayer of faith,
Went soaring through the n
Past the moon and past the clouds,
Past stars there twinkling bright.

Floating, swirling gracefully,
Past bonds of earthly cares;
Destined now for Heaven,
It made its journey there.

Softly, sweetly angel's wings,
Came floating through night skies;
Lifting the whispered prayer of faith,
As it soared there in the night.

Spanning time and distance,
This softly whispered request;
Fluttered into the heart of God,
And there it came to rest.

As gently as the prayer had come,
Soaring on night winds;
A circle was completed,
In the heart of God and man.

For the Father was moved with compassion,
As He heard the faithful prayer;
He spoke the answer for the one who had prayed,
And sent it on angels' wings there.

Across the span of time and space,
Past the moon and stars twinkling bright;
Surrounded by angel's laughter,
The answer soared through the night.

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